How to save a file?

Was just wondering. Seems like a dumb question.

I have the evaluation version while I wait for my key to come through. Does this save changes?

I opened up a local directory in PHPStorm. It seemed to import the directory. I made some changes to the file and hit save. In PHPStorm it looked like it had saved. When I went to commit the file it said no changes had been made. Opening the file in sublime text showed no changes had been made either.

Has someone come across this before?

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Hi Jason,

PhpStorm has no restrictions at all during evaluation period -- it is fully functional build without any additional limitations.

Yes -- when you click Save PhpStorm does save the file immediately -- I personally never had any issues with it in this regard here on Windows.

It is possible that:

  • file was not actually saved -- please enable Settings |  Editor | Editor tabs --> Mark modified tabs with asterisk if it is not enabled.
  • you are editing the wrong file -- I suggest checking this: "Navigate | Select In... | Show In xxx" (or just Alt+F1, 8) -- it should open your file manager (Explorer/Finder/etc) and focus that file for you -- so you can check if it is the right file.

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