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Hi there,

I'm not 100% sure on this one -- I think you can, but you may need to mark quite a few files/folders as excluded from transfer in order to get this done. When I tried this wizard, I just excluded 1 folder and got everything else downloaded, while you need quite opposite here.

I suggest doing it "manually" (I mean -- the project creation -- not using any wizard/helper):

  1. Create brand new empty project
  2. Settings | Deployment -- create and configure new entry of SFTP type; Do not forget to mark it as Default for this project.
  3. Tools | Deployment | Browse Remote Host
  4. Find you file(s) you need to transfer, right click and choose "Download from here"
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Awesome Awesome Awesome!!
You rock man!. Your are my favourite person right now.
Yesterday i was thinking maybe i could write a plugin for this :p.

Thank you so much!


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