don't ask password

I tried to pull my project from git repo and when PhpStorm asked me password, I pushed the close button and after that PhpStorm don't ask me password.
How can I fix it?

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Do I correctly understand that you pressed the close button instead of entering the password?
And what happens afterwards? PhpStorm doesn't ask you the password, but shows an error?

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Yes! You understood me right.

Now, when I pull or push project PhpStorm don't ask me any questions or show any windows and return "fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly".
I use Windows 7 and PhpStorm 5.0.1

I copy text from my Version Control Console:

16:50:20.720: cd D:\Projects\www\mad 16:50:20.721: git pull --no-stat --log -v --progress origin master Keyboard-interactive authentication failed.      at com.trilead.ssh2.auth.AuthenticationManager.authenticateInteractive(      at com.trilead.ssh2.Connection.authenticateWithKeyboardInteractive(      at com.trilead.ssh2.Connection.authenticateWithKeyboardInteractive(      at org.jetbrains.git4idea.ssh.SSHMain.authenticate(      at org.jetbrains.git4idea.ssh.SSHMain.start(      at org.jetbrains.git4idea.ssh.SSHMain.main( Caused by: Sorry, this connection is closed.      at com.trilead.ssh2.transport.TransportManager.sendMessage(      at com.trilead.ssh2.auth.AuthenticationManager.authenticateInteractive(      ... 5 more Caused by: Invalid PEM structure, '-----BEGIN...' missing      at com.trilead.ssh2.crypto.PEMDecoder.parsePEM(      at com.trilead.ssh2.crypto.PEMDecoder.decode(      at com.trilead.ssh2.auth.AuthenticationManager.authenticatePublicKey(      at com.trilead.ssh2.Connection.authenticateWithPublicKey(      at org.jetbrains.git4idea.ssh.SSHMain.tryPublicKey(      at org.jetbrains.git4idea.ssh.SSHMain.authenticate(      ... 2 more fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

I deleted folder with project, and made clone repo again. But trouble did not fix :(

I'm sorry for my bad English.

Thank you.

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I installed PhpStorm EAP 124.237. But trouble did not fix. Could it be to related to git settings? But when I pull at the console, git ask me ssh password.

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It seems that you have an incorrect id_rsa private key: without the starting section which should look something like

-----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----¬                                                                
  2 Proc-Type: 4,ENCRYPTED¬
  3 DEK-Info: DES-EDE3-CBC,E11255C5A63924

Please try to regenerate SSH keys and see if that helps.
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This is text from id_rsa file:

PuTTY-User-Key-File-2: ssh-rsa Encryption: aes256-cbc Comment: Public-Lines: 4 AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABJQAAAIEAm8FflaxjGIwHyquLdcJpFWWR5cd6MowzpanD ak/9HqiGmS6QT5og0HhcIjdvpHue7khE3t/3Mfg6L3nubK8kHu6fVgJcdxsKd5e+ KxeReHiH3R+T1CDinuo78DW8xg1l54Hy9n/+g8BhvTdAWaMbtQm763qaUlRA+U+7 I37fFnk= Private-Lines: 8 x2aJYz1RWHxQRK2HS2/kjw/nFEt+CTnB9eU3vyR6aBmtqsJdF0PewNnE8OySfRpb bvlytmMWbcCYXG15VkBE0gFE76aqG8NHpS2rbNQ12rHugk/kNPpRAGwNjbZx+A5D WpvPHjKTUlF41C/OcPEG7Zr64GSfhBj01pmZrNdFYfFlp0mqLiGJxoV5JJ7yM7x1 +QgQaBr9uZRZgQV6f8wN0p4YtNM4UZ6sbXxjor2bq83yoIxG+sb1zDzoixoN6NNe bwBqanYZ+coDW+siyegWjhcfNah7w6AcyLBIzTLzQH3KffFRzMxUJrS7N7d/V1in wt36eXBNmcOHb4MwWDw7w7px+eSvj8HWTXd/2HRdiwnGm783qDun9jtuGG0Br+A6 /WIwPENzX7GjevnQrcMMvC+nptpZMk9PvrPYEbCVSC4b1WorUTwcEx92E0d2tUNG 8kISujHvUMFtp55BsWBZ9Q== Private-MAC: 5449457d4b5d4db37f9ds8d598ebgc534aa6baa8

This is text from file:

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABJQAAAIEAm8FflaxjGIwHyquLdcJpFWWR5cd7MowzpanDak/9HqiGmS6QT8og0HhcIjdvpHue7khE3t/3Mab6L3nubK8kHu6fVgJctxsKd5e+KxeReHiH3R+T1DDinuo78DW8xg1l54Hy9n/+g8BhvTdAWaMbtQm869qaUlRA+U+7I37fFnk=

P.S. I changed some letters in the key

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Thank you very much!!!

I regenerated SSH keys by GIT Bash like that and after PHPStorm started use them.
I'm very happy.


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You're welcome.

Great that the problem has been solved.

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