Opening the structure switches to previous file. Bug or feature?


every time I open the structure tab (Cmd-7 or via click on the tab-button) PHPStorm switches to the previous file in the main window.
As long as I then don't select another file tab in the main window, opening and closing the structure doesn't switch the file any more.

This is the only anoying thing in an otherwise brilliant IDE experience, and I'm wondering if it's a setting somewhere, or if I should open a bug, or if others are experiencing the same thing?
Have you experienced the same behaviour? Do you know a fix for it?

Thanks for any pointers,

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Hi Vinai,

It's a know issue:

Workaround -- disable "Autoscroll to Source" option (so you will have to use double click instead of single click to navigate to source)

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Thank you for the answer!


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