Dropbox and deployment configuration issue

I keep my projects in a Dropbox folder and for the most part it doesn't cause an issue.  The only problem I have is that whenver I access a project from another computer the paths in deployment configuration are gone.  For example, I have my main dev computer and everything works fine.  When I use my laptop and open a project phpstorm will tell me that the paths for deployment are not set and I have to go into that projects deployment settings and set them.  Then when I go back to my main computer the same thing happens and I have to set the paths again.  Does anyone know why this is happening and hopefully how to make these paths stick?  Each computer is running the latest version of phpstorm.

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Hi there,

It's because of the way how Deployment entries are stored. Each deployment entry (Connection tab) is stored ide-wide (together with other global config files; check webServers.xml file) while details from all other tabs (Mappings, Exclusions etc) are project-specific and stored in .idea subfolder.

Thing is -- each Deployment entry has unique ID, which is generated when such entry is created and (obviously) will be different on each computer (the name does not matter here). What you need to do -- is to make those IDs to be the same on both (multiple) computers. For that -- sync webServers.xml config file -- be it manually by copying this file between computers (e.g. C:\Users\USERNAME\.WebIde50\config\options\webServers.xml on Windows 7 -- when IDE is closed, obviously) or via built-in functionality ("File | Export Settings" and then "File | Import Settings" on another computer -- just choose correct option).


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