WebStorm detects @type but not @property

This page shows how the @type and @property JSDoc annotations can be used,


My preference is to use @property rather than @type, and the url above discusses the merits of using one over the other.

If I use @type for a class member, WebStorm detects the type of the member and gives guidance. If I use @property rather than @type for the same class member, WebStorm does not appear to detect the type of the member and gives no guidance. Is WebStorm behaving inconsistently? Or is there a rational explanation?


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Please provide your code example where @property works not as expected. Example from jsdoc specification works for me, at least for completion:

* @class
* @property {number} id The id of the person.
function Person(id) {
    this.id = id;
var p = new Person(1);
p. // completion here shows id as first variant



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