How to specify my web root?

I am sure this has been asked and answered before, but my searches all only turned up how to set this in the Deployment section.

I am working on a site that is built on the Zend Framework, so there are several directories on the same level as the /public/ directory, which is the web root when anyone accesses the site via apache. How do I tell PHPStorm that is the web root so that, for example, CSS statements like background-image: url("/images/ico/phone.png"); stop throwing critical errors?

For some reason, the error I mention above is covered by the invalid attributes inspection instead of the unresolved directory inspection so I don't want to just turn the inspection off. The site is deployed via SVN, so although I know there is a web root setting in the deployments where you can specify a web root (not that thats the same thing, I don't know) I don't have that option for this site.

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Hi there,

For such validation/inspection purposes mark such folder (/public/ is the website root, right) as Resource Root (be it via "Settings | Directories" or context menu in Project View panel)


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