"Has overrides" misses some subclasses


I just discovered the "has overrides" indication in the editor, hugely useful to me.
But I also discovered that it doesn't give me the full class list, so I cannot rely on it : too bad.

For example, I have a main class called "opd". A bunch of subclasses extend opd, I have among them "fiche", "video", "qcm", "parcours_media". They all override an "opd" method called "update_on_prod". But "parcours_media" is the only one that doesn't appear in "has overrides", and also the only one that has subclasses which also override the same method.

Is it the reason why it doesn't appear ?


Hi Laurent,

I do not know why it shows you what you see (need working code sample to reproduce, and if reproducable -- report to Issue Tracker )

In any case: try Navigate | Method Hierarchy -- it should be more "accurate" (as info in hints can be limited for performance or whatever reasons).


Thank you Andriy.
Thanks to your answer I just found out that it's not a method issue.

I have "opd" -> "parcours_media" -> "video_interactive"

With the "Type hierarchy" tool (nice one too !) I can see :
- From "opd", I see the opd subclasses but no "parcours_media"
- From "parcours_media", I see "opd" above, and "video_interactive" below as expected
- From "video_interactive", I see the 3 classes also as expected

So I seem to have a problem with "opd", not "seeing" "parcours_media". But "parcours_media" sees "opd". Weird.
I'll try to unvalidate cache to see if it solves this.



Problem solved, unvalidating cache did the trick.


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