Unknown problem with Phpstorm PHP Codesniffer

Hello. I have a problem - when I'm trying to integrate Phpstorm with codesniffer I encounter next error:
Running phpcs.bat --version from command line works fine and answers:

D:\openserver\server\php\PHP-5.3.13>phpcs.bat --version
PHP_CodeSniffer version 1.3.2 (stable) by Squiz Pty Ltd.

Can somebody help me to resolve this problem?

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Hi Pavel,

I have no real idea what exactly happenning there, but I would do the following to try to resolve this:

  1. Upgrade CodeSniffer to latest version -- you have 1.3.2 while latest stable is 1.3.4
  2. You run phpcs.bat --version from the folder where file is located (D:\openserver\server\php\PHP-5.3.13) -- try running it from any other folder (e.g. D:\). Does it work the same? Maybe you need to add PHP home path to the PATH environment variable so it can find all other necessary files from anywhere (you will have to close and open PhpStorm again to have new PATH value).

If the above does not help ... then maybe check idea.log file for possible details (Help | Reveal Log in Explorer).

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try to use

"php.exe" -d auto_append_...

instead of

".\php.exe" -d auto_append_...

in phpcs.bat

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Hi Pavel Evsegneev,

was your issue ever addressed?

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I am getting exactly the same issue:
When the phpcs.bat is run directly in the command line I get:
This small empty baloon is not very helpful (and very agitating).

Edit: The idea.log does not contain any phpcs related information.


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