features request .. (or not maybe ^^)


I'm a new user (personal license) of your software and i'm really happy to found him.
(it's a very good IDE for PHP and Web development)

But I would like little many features if possible ^^.

1°) Able to link a directory in a virtual directory on project (like Eclipse for exemple)
of course i'll be able to do a symbolic link on bash but it's not really the better solution.

2°) Add a different color for the parameters of functions in PHP syntax (like Javascript on PHPStorm or again and like Eclipse PDT)

3°) Show the status of files (on error / warning) in the explorer of project on cascade on the parent directories (again like Eclipse)

Otherwise, Your work is very good thank you for that ;)

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H Leiha,

1) I guess you need this one: http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WI-6056

2) File a Feature Requst to the Issue Tracker

3) I'm not familiar with Eclipse -- can you illustrate this with some example and screenshot please?


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