make sure that indenting is ONLY tab or SPACE

i always use tabs.. but some times phpstorm does tab tab tab space space space space (4 spaces since my settings say a tab is 4 saces wide)

now im wondering.. is there a way to tell the ide to ONLY use tabs? never  indent with spaces? would be a cool feature similer to the "More PHP Formatting Options and Bundled Code Styles for PSR-1/PSR-2 and Symfony2 "

im not talking about an inspector to check to see on comit if you have mixed indents.. im talking about a way that if you format your code it will ONLY use either tabs or spaces for indenting.

if you set your tab to be 4 spaces.. and some place in your file you used 5 spaces indent.. it will round it to 1 tab.. used 7 spaces.. it will round it to 2 tabs

thoughts on the matter?

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strangely after writing this and trying reformat page.. it seems to be replacing the spaces with tabs.. in the new 5.0.4 build :D NICE


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