System crashed, now IDE is broken

My Linux Mint 12 system crashed earlier due to a power failure.  Now when I try to start PhpStorm (5.0.3), it won't make it past the splash image.  Instead, I get several popups about a Java OutOfBoundsException.  I tried replacing the .sh with one from a fresh download to no avail.  Please help.  I've attached my log file to this message.


Hi Kevin

Try this: delete all indexes/caches. In PhpStorm you would normally do it via "File | Invalidate Caches..", but since you are unable to launch it in first place you will have to do it manually -- I think on Linux it will be ~/.WebIde50/system/

I, personally, would delete whole /system/ folder in such case, not just indexes/caches (making backup first, if desired) -- in case some other files stored there are corrupted as well.


Great, that did the trick!


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