JSLint and switch statements

Overall I'm pretty happy having JSLint turned on, and have made some adjustments to cater for its desired formatting rules (like adding a space after the colon in object definitions).

But one thing I can't figure out is switch statements.  JSLint wants each "case" statement to align with the "switch", but PhpStorm automatically indents them.

I regularly reformat to keep things tidy, but it's frustrating to suddenly see a whole lot of warnings popping up because of this indentation difference.

Is there a way to tell JSLint that this indentation is acceptable, or to tell PhpStorm not to indent the "case" statements?


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Hi Jon,

Will unchecking Settings | Code Style | JavaScript | Wrapping and Braces | 'switch' statement | Indent 'case' branches option help?

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Brilliant!  I thought there had to be a setting somewhere there.



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