IDE is broken, shows empty screen [PHPStorm]

Hi guys,

I'd like to have some support for my IDE, it's not working for more then a day now and that's quite a problem :) I really love PHPStorm, but I had to switch to another IDE because of the following problem.

Yesterday I did the update to PHPStorm 5.0.3 during my workday (bad practise, I know :p). After the update there was something wrong, and the IDE didn't work at all. I did remove the settings, plugins and caches and still got this error. Even after downgrading the PHPStorm IDE 4 I still have this error.

Does someone have an idea how to fix this? I attached a screenshot of how the IDE looks right now. Thanks in advance.

Screen Shot 2012-10-25 at 16.22.31.png
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Just got a reply from support, this is related to liveedit as well. Disabling live edit did solve my problem :)


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