How to save a project from existing files

Hi Community

I've a problem but I can't find a solution for it. I have a lot of project which I load directly from the FTP Server.

So this works great but when I close PHPStorm the only way I know to reopen that project is to download it

again (New Project from existing files).

Is there another solution for this problem? I would like to have the project saved somewehere.. Because it's terrible

to download allways all files again from the server only because I shutdown the PC...

Thanks for your help!

Regards, D.

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Hi Dario,

First time just use "File | New Project from Existing Files..." wizard -- it will ask where to save the local version of files.

Next time you run PhpStorm, just use "File | Reopen" and choose that local project .. or (in case it is not listed there .. or listed under unknown for you name) just open it using "File | Open Directory" -- just point to the folder where local project is located.

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Thank you for your help! It's exactly waht I was looking for.

Just as an idea.. It would be great, if it would be possible to create desktop icons for the project. Just like clicking on it

and the right projevt view open.

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There is no such thing currently available (and AFAIK is not planned for near future) as PhpStorm projects are just folders -- if .idea subfolder is present, then it reads project settings from there. Plus, "File | Reopen" is easy to use.

What you can do (at least try -- it should work) -- create shortcut to PhpStorm itself (I'm on Windows and do not know how it will work on another OS), then open it properties and add path to the desired project root folder as a parameter -- this way PhpStorm will start and open that folder as a project on startup.


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