unable to attach test reporter...

Today I have upgrade all pear packages and of caurse PHPUnit to version 3.7.7
After upgrading I can not run any test, I always get
"Unable to attach test reporter to test framework or test framework quit unexpectedly"

PHPUnit 3.7.7
PHPStorm 121.285
(fails on line 102 of /tmp/ide-phpunit.php)

Does anyone can confirm this issue?

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Works fine here on Windows 7 x64 with PHP 5.3.17, PHPUnit 3.7.7 installed via PEAR and PhpStorm 5.0.3 EAP (it is not Linux, but still -- it works).

I would suggest checking php error log for possible hints.

Also, try debugging (from very first line of that ide-phpunit.php file) -- you may figure out what is missing during that (maybe some required components of PHPUnit were not upgraded or upgrade was corrupted somehow -- try removing and installing again).

Does running phpunit tests from command cline/shell using phpunit command works?

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alex@aquanox:~/PhpstormProjects/Project/tests$ phpunit -c phpunit.xml unit
Segmentation fault

I am using Yii framework
so  my walk on the code brings me to CTestCase.php (14)

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If running from command line fails .. then it has nothing to do with PhpStorm.

Knowing that and the code where it fails, searching for phpunit yii 3.7 brings this link that seems having an answer: http://www.yiiframework.com/forum/index.php/topic/36320-phpunit-not-working-with-yii-ctestcase-phpunit-autoload-not-found/

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thanks a lot

but I already wrote own workaround.

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That's absolutely fine -- as long as you managed to resolve the issue.


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