PHPStorm and PHPUnit under Windows 7

Hello PHPStrom Team,

using PHPStorm transforms creating PHP solutions, especially for Magento, into an inspiring experience.

Let me mention just one point with a fresh Windows 7 installation.

PHP Storm 5.0.2 is installed under the default path:

     C:\Program Files (x86)\JetBrains\PhpStorm 5.0.2

xamp is installed under


and PHPunit is used from


1. When PHPStorm is called "as administrator"

* then all files in the in the context menu of the project view have a Run/Debug entry
* and seleted test methods can be executed for the test classes.

PHPStrom works in this case as it known from the old XP installation.

2. If PHPStorm is executed as normal user without administrator privileges

*  just some files in the context menu of the projet view have a Run/Debug entry and

*  for test methods within a unit test the context menu hasRun/Debug entries, but when called nothing happens.

Test methods are excuted when they are called for whole folders.
The user that calls PHPStorm is the owner of  D:\dev\xampp and has full privileges on this folder.

Any hints that enable use of the full power of PHPStorm when it is called without adminstrator privileges
are higly appreciated.

With best regards


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