Webstrom how configuration local server

Webstrom how configuration local server

For example / web local server
Ask everybody to help solve it

thank you


Hi there,

Unfortunately I have no real idea what you are asking about. Maybe you have a friend who has better English -- ask him to help you formulate the question.



I think he's looking for the same thing as me, meaning:

How to configure/install the IntelliJ Configuration Server for settings in a local environment?

We just bought about 50 licenses for PhpStorm and we'd like to be able to share the configuration with all the people from a central point.
While we have the export settings feature, a local configuration server would be a much better/nicer option for us.

Thank you for your answer.

Best regards.


Hi Florin,

No, it is completely different -- the original question was answered in another rather long thread.

You better email support@jetbrains.com directly with such question (where to get local configuration server (if it is possible at all) and how to configure it).


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