Navigate to css selector using navigate to symbol?

Hi All,

I want to quickly navigate to a css selector, I tried using the "navigate to symbol" option, but it doesn't seem to search css selector.

What is the recommended ways to navigate to css selector if I just want to quickly type part of its name?


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Hi Eddie,

  • If you are already inside such css file, then "Navigate | Search Structure" will work fine.
  • If you are inside some HTML file where such selector is used then Ctrl+Click on it should work

As to why it does not work in "Navigate | Symbol" -- have no idea (used to work IIRC). Would be great if you can file a Bug Report to the Issue Tracker.

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Thanks Andriy,

I'm using the two suggestions you provided for now, have logged an issue and hopfully it will get picked up by the JetBrains team.




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