classes doesn't substituted from html, phpstorm 5.0.2

Hi, here is my problem:
phpstorm don't substitutes classes in css files, i'm typed html code, then go to css file and typing "." and press "Ctrl+space" and phpstorm tell's me "no suggestions" =(.
Link to css file is correct 100%. I'm trying all it in a new, just created project, from just installed program. By the way, when i'm typing class in css file at first, and then in html - it works, programm gives me available options.


Hi Alex Alex,

AFAIK it does not work that way -- if class does not exist in CSS file but referenced in HTML, then such class will be treated as invalid/unknown and you cannot have it in code completion popup in CSS file (as it only contains references from this file). Instead you should use Alt+Enter (or click on "fix light bulb" icon) in HTML file while standing on such unknown class and choose "Create selector" entry.


No, it works that way, at least it should. I used phpstorm a mounth ago and it works good, but when i'm trying now, something happened. Some my friend use phpstorm, and don't have such problem
You see, it must works exactly so, because at first create html code, and then css, but not vice versa.


Quite possible you are correct and it should wok this way (I think I've read something about this long time ago, although unsure)... but sadly it never worked for me. But, TBH, I have no regrets in this regard as I work a bit differently (and typing class name once more is not too much of a deal for me).

Lets see what devs have to say about this.


Yep, it will be good to hear na answer from devs. I like this beautiful editor, but now i'm forced to work in Aptana.


Hi Alex,

At the moment completion-list of classes and ids consists of rulesets from current file and from imported files. There is request about completion from html files, it has high priority and most likely will be implemented in the next version:


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