5.0.1 problems

I've patched 5.0 this morning and now I'm having real problems.

My PHPunit tests are recognised (bug logged) and now I've just noted my code analysis/syntax checking isn't working.

Is this some quirk of my configuration or are other people having problems.

I'm going to have to go back to 4.0.3 at this rate :(

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For example

 $this->thumbnail, $this->original,
 $dst_x, $dst_y, $src_x, $src_y,
 $dst_w, $dst_h,
 $src_w, $src_h ); // resize the image
//(&$dst_image, $src_image, $dst_x, $dst_y, $src_x, $src_y, $dst_w, $dst_h, $src_w, $src_h, $quality = 3)
 $this->thumbnailWidth = $new_width;
 $this->thumbnailHeight = $new_height;

It's not showing up little red squiggles in the comment and ignoring the fact that xfastimage... doesn't exist.
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Hi Ted Ted Ted Ted,

Please try "File | Invalidate caches" -- helps in most of the cases with suddenly broken completion or not-found methods.

Latest version is 5.0.2


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