"Structure" panel - enable structure display groupped by comments

It's probably not implemented, but I would like to have a possibility to display a structure in the Structure panel based on comments. For example, I have a css file which has 1993 lines. The "Structure" panel diplays all selectors in the order they appear in the file or sorted alphabetically. I don't use this panel because it has very limited use in this case.

It would be better is to enable a view in the Structure panel which would show items grouped by css comments. For example, if the css file contains a kind of a section title like:

* Nodes

then the Structure panel would show Nodes at the highest hierarchy and then, inside Nodes, it would show the selectors. It would of course require that the css "structuring" comments are entered according to a specific syntax in order to be recognized.

This would make it much easier to navigate through large css files. Currently, I navigate through large css files by using search and it's a lot of trial and error. Let me know if there is a better way.

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Voted up.  As a semi-workaround, this works:
* Nodes
______________NODES______________ <-- this stands out as a flat separator
.node-article {


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