Error Code: 7

I usually get an error code 7 on PhpStorm loading ( Win XP) that aborts the operation, but cannot find the error code definitions. Could anyone help?

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No idea. How does the error message actually looks?..

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Thank you for your answer Alexey.

Well, it is small alert window that says exactly that: "Error Code: 007" and aborts PhpStorm execution..

From your answer it might seem that it is not a PhpStorm problem, though.

The fact is I was assuming it is as it displays only when I try to load PhpStorm in Windows XP. Nevertheless, the problem has something to do with the local server and the solution is to load it before PhpStorm.

I guess it is a local problem with my computer or the OS.

Again. Thank you for your answer.

Felipe Alameda


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