XDebug Stop on error not working


I'm trying out the phpStorm and I'm having a hard time to make xdebug work right.

I have a regular php enviroment that works ok for a long time now, and have my former IDE (phpEdit) working fine with everything running right.

With phpEdit I have the choice to set breakpoints up, of course, but if there is an error that breaks php on the code in runtime, being it either syntatical or logical, xdebug jumps right in when it occurs and the phpEdit IDE came to live with a highligted line where the error is on. I think this is pretty standard behaviour and I'm surprised that this is not happening with phpStorm.

I do have:
  - phpStorm running right;
  - breakpoint working OK on phpStorm;
  - all debug function working OK on phpEdit;

I do NOT have:
  - Runtime errors activating the debug and alerting me about them (break on error feature)

Can someone tell me if I have to configure something more to it come to work?

For AJAX applications with lots of function names passed on as string, and being evaluated at runtime, I just cant live without this kind of feature, as it takes centuries just to figure out what is broken and where.

Thanks for any help.

My php.ini xdebug section:

zend_extension = D:\Web\Server\php5.3.8\ext\php_xdebug-5.3-vc9.dll
xdebug.file_link_format = "phpedit://openLocalFile/%f?lineNumber=%l"

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Hi Las,

"jit" option (debug on error) is not currently supported - only "req". Please watch/vote/comment/etc this ticket to get notified when it will be implemented: http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WI-7353

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Hi. Thanks for the answer.

As this is a "non-buy" issue for me, you know if there is an expetaction date to this become implemented?


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No idea -- I'm not a dev and have no such info. Better ask it in the actual ticket -- you know, if there is a demand feature gets boosted priority and may be implemented sooner -- currently it is "in one of the future versions".

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Thank you for your answers.

Please, let me ask just one more thing: do you know if I can get JIT using the Zend debuger?

Thanks again.

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As far as I'm aware Zend Debugger supports JIT mode, but I do not know if it is supported by PhpStorm as I have used it only once (just to see what benefits/disadvantages it has compared to xdebug) and used it for "normal" debug on very basic script. Therefore I cannot give you any definite answer, I'm afraid.

Lets hope corresponding dev will spot this thread soon and will comment on it. In mean time (if you have time, of course) I may only suggest to try it yourself.


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