[MAC] Webstorm: Step between words does not work

I'm on Mac OS Mountain Lion, step between words does not work using Alt + Left/Right. Natively in Mac, this works fine (same thing on Windows is CTRL+left/right). How do I make this work?


Hi Mats,

Please check what Keymap you currently have (Settings | Keymap). Maybe in your keymap those actions have different shortcuts or have conflicts with another actions -- you can check and change it there as well.

Also ... maybe you have IdeaVIM plugin and it interferes somehow (try disabling all 3rd party/non-bundled plugins).

No other ideas other than that.


Had to switch to MacOS keymap to get it working. Another question, the key repeat speed is extremely slow. If I hit and hold arrow down, the caret moves very slow (My Mac Preferences has max speed for key repeat.) How can I make WebStorm respect the Mac preferences setting?


Sorry -- no idea -- I'm not a Mac user and I do not remember any of such settings in WebStorm (maybe it can be done via .vmoptions file, but not sure at all).


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