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In my JavaScript project, I am using the build tool grunt. The current build workflow is as follows:

  1. Save changes in WebStorm
  2. Run grunt.cmd in the project directory via command line (I am on Windows)
  3. Refresh Web Browser

Basically I want to have a Run Configuration where I can at least run a command line script (i.e. batch file). Then the build workflow could go down to save changes and hit the run button.

So, my questions are:

  1. How can I run a script from WebStorm via a button/shortcut?
  2. Can I also run a script when a file is saved?
    This would be interesting for running unit tests only (grunt is task-based).
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Hi there,

You can try this:

  1. Use External Tools (Settings | External Tools) to create a "external" command.
  2. Now you can customize toolbar and should be able to add it there ... or just assign custom shortcut directly to such External Tools entry (Settings | Keymap).

Now the workflow will be: Save file and click icon/press another shortcut.

As for the second question -- No, currently it is not possible. There should be a ticket for such request for sure -- you are not the first person who asks for such functionality -- you should be able to find it on Issue Tracker:


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Thanks, this would solve the problem if there were no specific problems with grunt. I'll keep on running it manually and wait for Yeoman to give it a try.

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So far, I solved this by setting up Grunt as an External Tool. [The Parameters will be explained later.]


Then I added a Shortcut in my Keymap as recommended earlier by Andriy. After that, I had the issue that grunt output was cut in the console. The exit code returned earlier than the expected output was made by grunt. This is a grunt/node.js issue. Fortunately, there is a workaround by setting this as Parameters:

> %TEMP%\grunt & type %TEMP%\grunt & del %TEMP%\grunt


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