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I think it would be very nice, if it would be possible that you can order the Items by Drag'Drop in the "Structure" Window. I know you can order the view alphabetic. But I mean not only that it will be changed in the view - I want to order the functions (php) or css-statemens (like here in this example) in the real file (by drag them in the structure window)

Is this possible?

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Hi Jörg,

No, it is not possible .. and I do not think this will happen any time soon (my personal opinion).

Please check the Issue Tracker -- I think it has 1 or 2 tickets with re-ordering functions/statements ideas; feel free to submit your Feature Request if you think your one is better/different.

(P.S. Maybe some special separate window for this instead of standard Structure panel as methods/constants/fields are still listed in particular order in Structure panel, while they can be mixed together etc).


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