New feature: notify external changes

First of all thank you for implementing the quicker notify of external changes (editing scss file and and upload the css file automaticly if auto upload is enabled).

But I'm having trouble while editing the scss file:

1. change anything in the scss file
2. the file is saved automaticly (altough auto save is disabled)
3. after the compilation of the css it is uploaded

The problem is that the file is saved automaticly nearly every second while I'm typing.
Cause the CSS rules aren't finished then, there is uploaded a broken CSS file. This can destroy thje website, espacialy if your are working on a live site.

Is there an option to disable the unwanted "auto save"?

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Hi Rene,

TBH I have never seen anything like that before (the file got saved every one second).

The only idea (about such "auto save") I have ... do you have Live Edit plugin enabled? Try unchecking "View | Live Edit" if it is enabled.

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Hello Andriy,

this helped me.


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