Cant launch Live Edit

Cant' launch live edit in windows7
chrome cant find  localhost:63363
View-> Live Edit is on, plugin is also installed.
phpstorm all ports are open in firewall
whereis a line in log:

2012-09-12 08:58:34,391 [   6561]   INFO - jetbrains.ide.WebServerManager - web server started, port -1

what am i doing wrong?


I am having the same issue, it seems broken at the moment. I have the plugin installed but I cant install the chrome extension, actaully I cant get hold of the chrome extension. The localhost errors out and I have phpstorm running. This is very annoying as live edit is the main reason I am testing out this IDE. I have the plugin installed and im using PhpStorm 5.0.1. Any ideas? I am also running windows 7. I have tried runnnig phpStorm as admin but thats makes no difference.

I also have a webserver port -1 error. I have done a port scan on my localhost using

nmap -sT -O localhost and nothing is running on those ports

i've posted an issue
let's wait for reply

I have a licensed version for 3 months and I am satisfied and realy happy after dereamweather. but would like to get all the declared features


Quick update i managed to use another windows 7 computer to get the jb.crx file and install it into chrome but as the webserver in phpstorm isnt starting properly it cant communicate. Figure out the webserver issues and the problem will go away im sure


Hi I have managed to resolve the issue by getting the webserver to connect properly, another application was preventing the webservermanager from binding to the port it needed. This should flag as an error but its hidden in the logs as a -1 success when actaully its a complete failure and unusable.


The user should be alerted when this happens.

Unfortunately I uninstalled quite a few programs at once so I am going to list them here and if you have any that match try uninstall and see if it resolves your issue:

VisualSVN Server 2.1.9
TortoiseSVN (32 bit)
TortoiseSVN (64 bit)
Style Master 4.6 demo (may have been the problem as this tries to do live edit too)
Mobile Mouse Server
Java 7 update 7
Java 6 Update 16
Java SE dev Kit 6 update 16 (64bit)
Ask toolbar

Hope this helps, if you do have any that match post it here incase others have the same issue


To confirm I was also having this problem.

from your list I only had:
TortoiseSVN (64 bit)

Java 7 update 7
Java 6 Update 29

Windows hosts file assignment of localhost to my vm was commented out.
I uninstalled TortoiseSVN (64 bit) which forced a restart this didnt help. I then uninstalled both Java 6 and 7, restarted my machine and went here and followed the instructions and everything is working.

Thanks and WoW this feature is awesome!


I have this problem.
Windows 7 x64.

I have:
Java SE Development Kit 7  Update 5
Java(TM) 7 Update 5
JavaFX 2.1.1
JavaFX 2.1.1 SDK
Visual Studio
Battefield 3

I attached idea.log

Dev's what do I do ?


looks like there is an issue with Java somwhere try removing

Java SE Development Kit 7  Update 5
Java(TM) 7 Update 5
then reboot and follow the manual install


but if I need them?

tomorow i try delete these apps. but need normal fix this problem.


this didn't help me.
any other ideas?


I also uninstalled any old versions of phpstorm I had on my machine and restarted.


i deleting all java programm and reboot my competer.
web server started, port -1


try removing Hamachi as its effectively a proxy and might have rules for your localhost. Have both of you thats are still having issues made sure to check your localhost entry in your host file is defaulted to the standard

Make sure you are actually uninstalling and not just deleting the apps too, i know that sounds obvious but I wanted to check just incase.


Hamachi removed - not help.
hosts file - ok.

WTF ? >_<


After having similar trouble, it was uninstalling TortiseHg and rebooting that finally fixed it for me.

Apparently that didn't fix it.  LiveEdit worked immediately after the reboot but this morning it has stopped working again.


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