How to ignore css warnings


Is it possible to configure to ignore some css warnings? curretnly we get many warnings in our project. some warnings are not problem at all.

for example, we are using angularjs, but we get many wanrings such as :
- Attribute ng-click is not allowed here
- Attribute ng-controller is not allowed here

we get some other warnings , e.g. :
- Unknown CSS property -moz-user-select
- Unknown CSS property -webkit-touch-callout

I guess we cannot do to much than ignoring. So i would like to know is it possible?


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Hi there,

Please check these inspections at Settings | Inspections | CSS :

  • Unknown CSS property -- you can add custom properties in special field there
  • W3C CSS Validator -- you may want to disable this inspection -- it's the same as the one offered here: , just local version (but still official version). Because it is from official authority, it most likely will not allow non-standard CSS proprties.

Regarding ng-click, ng-controller -- cannot really help here as I'm not familiar with AngularJS, but have a look at these links (especially first few)


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