Change or select inside HTML tags or Quotes

Hello everyone,

I'm new to the forum, after testing PHPstorm for a while, I bought a license.
I come from Vim, so my fingers are VERY used to work on their own. While not perfect, IdeaVIM has proved to be a godsend, but there are certain limitations and I'm not sure if it is the plugin or the actual editor on PHPstorm.

I'm talking about Changing or visually selecting inside or around a HTML tag or quotes (" or '), or in VIM ... cit, cat, vit, vat, ci", ci' etc.., again I'm still a n00b in this IDE. So far, I've found out that the only command like that is inside or around block sentences, or in VIM ... vi{, vi[.

Thank you

Jose Elera

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Hi Jose,

Please try "native" action: "Edit | Select Word at caret (Ctrl+W)" -- every subsequent invocation will expand the selection. Never used IdeaVIM myself, so cannot advice on this part.

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Hi Andriy,

It is a nice start and a great way to select chunks of text, but these vim commands are more specific. For example, the cursor could be on any character (could be even outside of the tag or quoted string) and by pressing vit on command mode, it will Visually select Inside Tag (VIT), or cit to Change Inside Tag. The only requirement is for the cursor to be in the same line of the HTML/XML tag or Quoted string. I'll propone this action as a feature.

Anyways, your help is greatly appreciated.


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Here is the Issue Tracker for IdeaVIM plugin -- feel free to post your suggestions/bug reports there (but check for existing ones first :) ):


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