Tool window Structure - annoying refresh


at PHPStorm 5, the content of the Tool window Structure is refreshing any time I'm typing in the editor.

Because it "flashing", it's very annoying. Is it possible to refresh it at the background or simply switch this auto-refresh off and refresh it manually when I want?

If not, I'd consider it a bug.

Thank you for help

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Hi Paul,

No -- there is no manual refresh and I do not know if any existing option can help here.

In any case:

What kind of the file it is? How big it is?

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Hi Andriy,

thanks for quick response. I think you described it nicely at the YouTube video - that's exactly the issue, I'm facing.

The file size doesn't really matter. It tried it in a big one (3000 lines of code) as well as in a small one (400 lines) and it's the same.

Concerning the system, I'm running Windows 7.


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Hi paul, Andriy

myPhpStorm has same problem.
it works on MountainLion(maxOS).

when i use phpStorm4(same project), it works well.

i need some help.

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Hi there,

Unfortunately there is no workaround at the moment, except not keeping Structure panel opened all the time (which is not ideal for many users).

Other than that -- just wait until the aforementioned ticket will be resolved -- fix should be available in PhpStorm v5.0.2 (as the issue is reproducible even on very small file).


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