.idea catalogs in a specify path

Hello there,
Assume that I have a PHP project which I have never edited in PhpStorm. I want to do something in this project, so I open necessary file in PhpStorm, then the .idea catalog will be created. This project's folder (.idea) is created in a folder where my opened file is. Is there a way to tell PhpStorm that .idea folders will be saved in a specify path, for example c:\phpstorm-projects\project_name\.idea, etc. (not inner project's source code path)?  And do it automatically every time in every project I will create)...

I read about Settings->Directories but I don't know it solves my problem or not...

Thanks in advance for help!

BTW, This WYSIWYG editor doesn't work in Opera correctly, I mean pressing the enter key makes new paragraph before current line instead of after :O

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Hi there,

Please check this ticket -- the description tells exactly what you need to do in such case.


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So the only one solution is

WORKAROUND Actually you can do it for a long time - but only manually. Just create a new project anywhere where you want to store your project data, then go to Settings|Directories and detach its dir and attach your project root folder.
Just remember to open this folder instead of actual one next time

, right?

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You have quoted literally the whole ticket body -- so yeah... that is the only way.

.idea folder (which is the project settings) will always be created if you open the file that is not part of the current project while no other projects are currently opened. Because all IDEs on IDEA platform require setting up the project in order to do anything with files (PhpStorm is not just advanced text editor with syntax highlighting), this is the only way of opening and working with the file (it will also index all files in the folder and subfolders).

If you are looking to work with your project files in a similar manner when using Notepad++/TextMate/etc (e.g. right click in Epxlorer/Finder/etc and choose "Edit this file"), then most likely whole IDE is not the right choice for you. In case you are happy to use such IDE, then use that workaround -- set up project in one place (where settings will be stored) and then attach real project files location later.

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Thanks for the answer and help. Yes, I definitely think it's IDE for me and I use Notepad++ as well to do small things, but I wanted to store all .idea folders in the specify path ;-) But if I can't do it automatically, so that's tough ;)


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