Error: PHP interpreter is not installed ?

Hello -

Just bought / installed PHP storm on my Mac OSX (10.6.8), with a MAMP stack.  Made a quick "hello world" type of test index.php file just to see what would happen, and ran into my first brick wall.  When I try to run the file, PHPStorm tells me:

"Error: PHP interpreter is not installed.  Press 'Fix' to edit your project configuration."

When I press 'fix', it lets me try to create a new interpreter for it, and even though I navigate directly to /Applications/MAMP/bin/php/php5.4.4/ , it just doesn't seem to register.

I got this same error with XAMPP.  At the time I thought XAMPP might be the problem so I deleted it, installed MAMP, and now I'm still getting the same error.  I really have no idea anymore what's causing it.  I've just heard such great things about PHP Storm I really want to be able to finally get up and running with it.  Thanks -



Hi Patrick,

When you provide a path to your PHP installation, PhpStorm will search for php executable there (I'm not a Mac user so do not know what file it is -- just php I guess -- on Windows it would be php.exe).

Maybe it is named differently on your setup (e.g. php-5.4.4 for example) .. or maybe (which is more likely IMO) you are providing wrong folder: try /Applications/MAMP/bin/php/php5.4.4/bin/ instead

Useful link:


Hi Patrick

On your MAC.

Start PHP Storm
Open project.
Click on the Options Icon in the menu bar.
Under Project Settings go the PHP and click
Click the directory button to the right of the Interpreter Choice Box.
Your MAMP install should be in your /Applications directory
In the Interpretors dialog, click the + (plus) button
And select Specify Other... from the drop down.
Press the directory button to the right of the PHP Home field
Navigate to /Applications/MAMP/bin/php/php5.2.17/bin and press Ok.  Storm will scan the folder.  (the key is finding the bin folder, not the .app file) In case you installed MAMP elsewhere
also note the PHP version subfolder <php5.2.1> in my case.  Yours may be different.  I gotta upgrade my MAMP install :)
You should get PHP version number.  Press ok and you should be good to go.



Thanks for the help!  You were both right, I was simply pointing it at the wrong folder.  I really thought I had tried that already but apparently not.  Thanks very much!


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