WebStorm 5 with Ruby plugin support

Up until the latest WebStorm update, we were working with WebStorm 4 and Ruby plugin, which offered great support for Cucumber tests implementation file.
In WebStorm 5, the plugin no longer works.
On the plugin page it says that the plugin only support intelliJ IDEA. However, it worked just fine until the latest version.

So, is there a way to make WebStorm 5 support Ruby files?


Use RubyMine. It's possible to have all WebStorm features in RubyMine by installing needed plugins from the Plugin Repository for free.
Note that it should be impossible to install Ruby plugin in WebStorm, so what you got is expected result.


We have just purchased quite a few WebStorm licenses, so even technically that's not really an option.
Moreover, we develop JavaScript applications - using RubyMine as our main IDE doesn't sound reasonable.
I have just downgraded to version 4, the plugin works great, including syntax highlighting, code navigation etc.


That is a bug in v4 -- it allows to install other plugins that should not be able to be installed in normal circumstances (Yes it works, I have tried that myself few months back). In v5 such behaviour/bug was fixed.


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