Permissions not updating?

I'm on a MAC, running Lion, PHPStorm 4.03

I create a director for the project and put my files in it.  This is an instance of Joomla 2.5 in this case.

I set the permissions to 775 recursivly and then the owner to john:www recursivly as well.

Then I install an extension, component or plugin.  The location of the new extension's folders show a little lock over the folders.

Ok, I go and make sure the permissions and owners are the same as the rest.  FIne.

I go back to the IDE and they are still locked.  I do a file sync (even though this is a local server to the computer) the locks remain.

It seems like SOMETIMES?  (but not always, if I exit the IDE and return, again sometimes?  the locks clear.

If I try to modify anything in one of the locked files, I get this dialogue but it won't, as suggested, change the file permissions either.

What's going on here and how to I consistantly remove these locks on the file? ?:|



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Please post an output of 'ls -l' for (1) any initial project file, (2) any file added by an extension, component or plugin before permission/ownership change, and (3) for the same file after change.

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Ok...  Here you go:

This is a combined image that shows the permissions on the folder before installing the component, and then, how the permissions look on the newly installed component:


Now see that the locks are indeed on the newly installed folders from within PHPStorm:


Ok, changed the permissions on the newly installed folder to conform with the rest of the folders because indeed, the extension installed using the browser is installing as the websever which is to be expected:


But if I go back to PHPStorm, and I even use the sync command, the locks remain on the folder:


Then I exit PHPStorm and relaunch it, the locks are cleared:

Now PLEASE note:
Now this is with PHPStorm 4.0.3 I am seeing this:


I saw this behavior with an eariler version and repoeted it.  It seems this unwanted behavior was corrected.  Now in this version I see it again.

I did a test with PhpStorm-EAP-121.150 and I THINK it's corrected.  But I think  this needs to be tested for anything you release in the various IDEs because I believe it keeps finding its way back into builds.

I hope the time I have spent on documenting this, (a most dilligent effort yeah?), will warrant QA to test for this behavior not to be present before a build is made a release version.

Thanks for creating the best IDEs out there :)




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