how to do file-transfer: win-host and *nix-guest?

I'm working now in win7 (win8 at home), projects are in virtual mashine (VirtualBox, but it is not matter to discussion). Main question - how to set up file-transfer. I realy want to know another experience.
I used vboxfs, sambs(server is host), nfs(server is guest), now trying sftp. Left only ftp, interchange server and client, and fine-tuning.

So, global, there is 2 ways:

  • Mapping (vbox, smb, nfs) is slow, create process load. Problems with differens in ext* and ntfs, for example is there soft links in version controll (phpStorm and *nix-svn think different, how to hadle them). At last - not supported by jetBrains.
  • Sync (ftp, sftp) - don't synk folder of version controll. It is problem for me. I like to merge in both ways - console is fast and simple, IDE if there conflicts.

I wan't to ask - how everybody handle this problem. Is there another options? Or i miss some tuning?
Thank you for your attention.
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Hi, Kirill,

.svn, .cvs, .git, etc. are excluded from deployment by default. To change the setting you need to edit Tools | Deployment | Options | Exclude items by name setting

Best regards,
Elena Shaverdova

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tried, it not worked,
i will try again.

But regardless, it will correct work with softlinks on 2 different filesystems?

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Unfortunately, not yet. See corresponding issue.

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i never belive, that i will say this :( , but
need to find mac


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