Is any guide of making fast portable phpstorm version?


I want to make phpstorm faster by using RAMDisk, and move portable bin files to SSD.
Yep, I know that ssd is almost as fast as a ramdisk, but i want to try exactly this configuration

Yes, I've seen topic how to make portable phpstorm:

I have the following directory tree:

- 5\
  - EAP\
    - bin
    - ...
  - 5.0\
    - bin
    - ...

  - webide\
    - config\
    - log\
    - plugins\
    - system\

  * run-5.0.bat
  * run-eap.bat

Webide dir is shared for major branch contains absolute paths, e.g. "/programs/.../PhpStorm/5/webide/config" for idea.config.path
In my bat scripts I set WEBIDE_PROPERTIES path

I have some following questions:
1. What can I place on RAMDisk? Are webide/system and log dirs temporary? Can I place them on ramdisk w/o dumping? What happens if I lose all system dir content?
2. Can I set custom paths for idea.config.path, idea.system.path and so on in my bat scripts? This is not so important for me, but if this is possible I dont have to edit for each major branch
3. With this configuration how should I migrate between major versions? I create new branch dir, e.g. 6\, put EAP files there, copy webide dir to 6\, change paths (if no solution for 2-nd question). In webide dir I have only config and plugins, since system and log are on ramdisk (if this is possible). Run 6th eap. PhpStorm picks up 5th webide and converts it if needed. Will this work correctly?
4. As I understand EAP version creates .yjp dir for internal purposes. But this dir is created in {user.home}, not good for my portable configuration :) but not so terrible, just FYI

Maybe you have your own recommendations

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