Thank you!

For fixing code completion/sense in strings!  Now I can FINALLY get Netbeans off my drive.


Well, thanks - but can you please describe the problem once more?..
I'd like to know what exactly was so important for you (and that it stays fixed btw)


See the attached image. But:

$myVar = "Stephen";

$test = "Never before in the history of the world has {$myVar}..."   or

Now the code sense is working. in other words, if I press CTRL+SPACE inside the string (after typing $ of course) it brings up a list of vars.

BUT it's still not working inside SQL statements. So typing:

$i = $db->get_row("select * from tickets where user = $myVar");

No codesense for $myVar inside SQL strings. I'd like to have this working too, but I can live without if I must for a while.

UPDATE: I just tried this.. if I turn off injections for SQL it works! YAY. Not that I can truly live with. I mean, I"d like to have  injections turned on for SQL, but keeping it off won't slow me down that much.

As I said above, good bye Netbeans. And thank you.

Screen Shot 2012-08-31 at 6.37.16 AM.png

Well, actually nothing has changed - it was working for normals strings/vars since 1.0 and it was never working in injections, see


Hummm.. its possible I just assumed it wasn't working at all. And never tried it until these EAP's. BUt I could swear - doesn't matter.

How silly of me. Well ok.. thank you will getting me to look at it again.

Now fix the injections. :)


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