Initial best practice guidance for development

I have the following environment:

1. MacPro
3. localhost server (via mamp pro)
4. external svn for php project files

I have my (joomla CMS) environment installed locally and I have also installed my latest joomla extensions (not through SVN, just manually installed via joomla extension manager).

I need some guidance in order to properly setup.

Specifically some help on the following topics:

1. I assume I need to create a phpstorm project based on the existing localhost storage, so I assume I should use the create project from existing files wizard. Is there anything special I should do here?

2. How do I grab my latest files from the remote svn location? I assume I need to do a checkout. Do I over-write the already installed folder with the checkout folder? And when I make changes to the files how do i commit them? The changes menu item (View->tools window->Changes) appears to be disabled (even after I checkout the folder).

Maybe there is a specific tutorial available?



i have a small presentation with some tips how to setup phpStorm for Joomla. Maybe not exactly what you are looking for, but maybe it helps:




Thanks for link.

Actually I had already located your presentation and video.

However the problem is still unresolved for me.

I will give a better decription that might help people (and perhaps you) help me.

I have a Joomla website on my MAC (I use MAMP PRO).

The joomla site storage is located at:

I am developing a joomla extension that when installed on my local joomla site is located at:


Now the questions go as follows:

I assume I can create a new PHPstorm project based on the Joomla code stored localy so I do this based on the folder joomla256 (see first path above).

I selected that the 'create a project from existing sources' and then selected the second radio option 'Web server is installed locally, source files are located elsewhere locally). Is this the proper way?

Once I do this, I want to grab from a remote svn location the latest code for my joomla project.

So I use the:

VCS -> Checkout from version control -> Subversion

menu and grab the correct folder from svn and place folder in the second path (above).

What I was assuming here is that I can then directly use the IDE editor to make changes to my project code and somehow commit these changes from withing the IDE.

But I am not able to get this going.

The View -> Tool Windows: Changes and Version Control menu items are disabled.

What am I doing wrong or what have I misunderstood?



when you have all the files on you local machine, you can just use "File -> Open Directory" to use the file structure as a project. phpStorm automatically creates a project.

But i would do it in another way:

- you have your local Joomla site
- create another directory structure outside of the Joomla-root for the component
- add the component directories to your Joomla site a symlinks - this way, you can test it on your local machine
- activate version control for your component project
- work only in the component project

I always have several plain Joomla versions on my system to add them to my projects: "Settings -> Project Settings -> PHP -> '+' " to add files / directories to your project. This way, phpStorm "knows" the Joomla Framework and all the inspections... work.

Additionally, i use phing to pack the component files for installation.

This has several advantages...

- For me it is "cleaner" to work just in a component directory structure
- You can easily test in different Joomla versions with the same codebase (just setup another Joomla Version and add the symlinks)
- If you have more than one component, it is easyer to maintain. I currently have about 75 in my projects directory... and it would make no sense to have all the Joomla files for each project.

One small disadvantage: For debugging you have to open the Joomla directory in phpStorm, too. Otherwise, phpStorm will not recognize the file structure (as far as i know - maybe somebody has a better idea for that). But that's not a real problem. Because throught the symlinks, the component files are loaded directly from their directory structure and quick changes during debugging are saved to the original files.



Thanks again for feedback - I guess I need to study up on the symlinks (do you have any url info?).

Question still open - how do i configure things in phpstorm so i can commit code to my remote svn from the ide?


(If you use e.g. Forklift, there is a menu item to easily create them)

Did you read this?

I never had any problems with remote SVN's. As i was in the Virtuemart Team, i have used it exactly the way i described. We also have used SVN.

BTW: do you have the whole Joomla installation in SVN?


Thanks for links.

No I do not have Joomla on my remote svn.


If it is just the component structure in the SVN, you can checkout the project from SVN and then set the Symlinks for the local Joomla installation.

Is there a proper component file structure in SVN (the structure needed for Joomla)? Or is it the structure used in your package file?



If i do this (symlinking to my local checkout folder), then if I edit a fie from the IDE will it automatically edit the local checkout version?

and can i trigger commiting from the ide in this case?


If everything is set up correctly :) "yes"

From the "component project" that is checked out from SVN, you should have all the SVN-Options like Commit, show changes, commit history, ...



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