Excluding files from index

Is it possible to exclude a particular directory/files from being indexed?

I've found it is possible to exclude directory from the project so it was hidden, but is it possible just to exclude it from indexing process? So I could see it in the project tree and traverse over it, but IDE wouldn't waste CPU/memory indexing it (the files there is a part of temporary files in a building process)

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Hi Ivan,

Exclude from indexing without excluding it completely -- no, you cannot really do this (unless all files have different extension(s) that can be treated as "Text files"). There is "Mark as plain text" command that can be applied to any file (so file is treated as plain text -- no syntax highlighting, no inspections etc), but such command cannot be applied to folders unfortunately (there is a ticket about this)

You can, however, disable all inspections in such files/folders. If that is acceptable then see this thread: http://devnet.jetbrains.net/thread/437829?tstart=0 (P.S. Please note that you have to apply this for every inspection you want to omit).


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