How can one use jsdoc for class constructors?


This may be just a general question, but since I'm only concerned with the way it works for the webide I wanted to ask here.

I'm trying to document a class constructor in such a way that its parameters would show in a tool tip when Command+P is pressed (on a mac) inside its usage parens.

I've tried a number of ways using and similar with no luck. Below is the code I have so far, notice too, that the @class tag is not technically supposed to be there, but it seems to be the only way to mark this as a class for the IDE.

      * @class nexus.ViewList
     nexus.ViewList = nexus.Base.extend(
     /** @lends nexus.ViewList.prototype */
           * @constructs
           * @param [collection] {nexus.Collection}
           * @param [options]
           * @param [options.view] {Object} view class constructor
          construct:function (collection, options) {
     var test = new nexus.ViewList( /* press Command+P here to get the parameter hint */);

What could I be missing? Thanks!


Hi Leo,
@lends and @constructs tags are supported only in the latest EAP, are you using it? However, there seems to be a bug with recognizing object properties([options.view]). I've created an issue about it. Also, @class tag is not required here.

Thanks for the request!


Thanks Konstantin, I'm still using the stable 4.03 version, I didn't realize there was progress in this specific area. Perhaps I will give it a try.


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Granted, one must try very hard to make things easy for me, but I'm yet to figure out how to subscribe, even after several times trying to do this!


Everything was as you said in the EAP, thanks again


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