Am I going to have a problem with Mountain Lion?

I am currently on Lion (10.7.4) of OS X and using PHPStorm 4.0.3.  It seems ok.

If I update to Mountain Lion 10.8.x, am I going to have issues with PHPStorm?

How about the other Jetbrains IDEs should I choose to use any of them?

Please advise if I am going to have issues that prudently require me to wait.



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We use our products with Mountain Lion 10.8 back here at jetbrains with no problems.
OS will prompt you for installing JDK on first run of any java app - be sure to let if do that and finish.

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The only issue I had with ML wasn't PHPStorm. The webserver/php/etc.. is turned off my default. And no longer located in Preferences. You have to use apachectl to get things rolling (inside terminal). I also had serious issues getting PHP to run the way I wanted. I gave up and got MAMP PRO (a stack). Easier.

I tell ya, Apple is dumbing down the OS with every update.

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Right.  Lion still has the Web Sharing in preferences and Mountain Lion does not.

It can get very tricky even with Lion as the apache.conf has a directive to look for the webserver.  If it is enabeled, by default, the URL:http://localhost  will look inside the path: /Library/WebServer/Documents  If you use http://localhost /~<username> it will look inside the "Sites" folder under the user.

I created a directive that points both URLs to the Sites folder, but that's just so I don't have to include the /~<username> in the URL.

If you have Mountain Lion, I found this URL to be very informitive:

Maybe it will help someone else.

Meanwhile, I am holding off on the Mountain Lion upgrade because I run off a laptop mostly.  There are some possible issues with batterylife so when they resolve that, I would be more open to using Mountain Lion.

Don't want to get too far off topic so we'll leave it at that :)

Thanks for your comments.



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