FTP uploads quite sluggish

I typically am doing development with open source CMS's where the bulk of the core application code remains untouched, and I am only developing/customizing select pieces. So my usual workflow is to only maintain local copies of files that I'm actually working with (i.e. I don't maintain the full application locally). I modify files and then upload them to the development or production environments selectively.

PHPStorm works well in this regard, as I can setup the deployment settings and upload only those files that I want to. But I find that the file transfer for even a single file is quite sluggish -- seemingly because the connection to the remote host is not retained. Everytime I upload a file, the connection must be reestablished. Sometimes during development I'm altering-saving-uploading-testing quite quickly and repeatedly, and am finding the upload step to be slowing me down. Is there any option to allow the FTP/SFTP connection to be more persistent so that it doesn't need to reconnect every time? I'm not seeing such option anywhere.

Using v4.0.3

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