PHPStorm without PHPUnit and Xdebug?


It might sound silly, but I'm trying to use a 30-day eval of PHPStorm *without* the PHPUnit integration, so far to no avail.  It seems the PHPUnit integration is turned on by default, e.g., when I use the "Run" command, it appears to issue a PHPUnit command line, with my code as an argument.  I can't figure out how to turn this behavior off.  Is it possible?  When I build my "Run" configuration, I don't see a way to select "None" (or something equivalent) in the "Test Runner" section.  Please, no comments about how I should be developing tests for all my code - I don't have the option of using PHPUnit at the moment.  As a matter of fact, I don't have the option of using Xdebug either :)   but still would like to evaluate other aspects of PHPStorm - it seems like a nice tool.

TIA for any help.

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Hi Ed,

1. Run | Edit Configurations...
2. Create new entry of required type -- instead of PHPUnit choose "PHP Script" (for local execution in command line mode) or "PHP Web Application" if executing script in browser.

Now -- how do you press/click "Run" button? Clicking in main toolbar .. or via right click menu? If first -- make sure that correct Run/Debug Configuration is selected in drop down box just on left of that button. If 2nd -- "PHPUnit" commands will be only available if you trying to execute PHPUnit test file (at least PhpStorm should consider that this file belongs to such case).

If you still have issues with this -- please provide more details (screenshots are extremely useful).

Xdebugger/Zend Debugger -- ignore any of those options if you are not going to do actual debugging -- leave them to their defaults (which should be xdebug ).

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Thank you, Andrily.  I should have paid closer attention to the run config documentation.



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