Webstorm 4 nodejs Unresolved function or method

Am in the process of comparing various IDEs and I have just installed a trial version of Webstorm 4.01.

I created a new nodejs project and was able to run it and use the debugger very easily and intuitively.

There a couple of things which I am not sure about, I have tried to search for the answers but with success so I am hoping someone here can shed some light on my querie

1. I have set the code checking t use jshint and used the code inspector to inspect the current file.  I am getting a bunch of: 'Unresolved function or method' warnings which relate to functions which are in the module which has been referenced with a require.
2. Is there any way that the code completion limits the list provided to just the relevent items?



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Hi Hugh,

1. AFAIK JSHint isn't aware of functions which are defined in the module which has been referenced with a require. So it's impossible to get rid of such warnings.
2. Code completion list could be narrowed down in case of Node.js:

var http = require('http');
http.<position caret here and press Ctrl+Space>

In this case you'll have methods from http module.


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