Before I renew my subscription I wanna know....

1. Will Issue: "WI-2377 No autocompletion for php variables inside string with injected language" ever be fixed? It's been open since early 2010. VERY important when writing updates and inserts (SQL). Other IDE's have had this feature for years. Why not PHPStorm? Also the bug is marked as major, and this last update I saw a slew of minor fixes. But this major bug was. what, forgotten?

2. Static cold folding for HTML. Sure, I can fold PHP and close/open the document and the fold still hold. Not so with HTML in a  PHP document. In fact, it's SO bad, that even  when I go through the trouble of folding a few divs, ALL folds reopen if I cut-n-paste anything anywhere on the page.

Now I know it works correclty with HTMl in HTML documents. But not HTML in PHP documents.

Will these be "fix" anytime soon? Cause, frankly, I know these might be minor issues to most, but not to me. My renewal is due in a couple of weeks, and I don't want to invest anymore time and money into PHPStorm if it doesn't meet all my needs.



P1 - yes, we plan to show some love for injections in 5-6. As for "other IDE's" - I'd like to see the example.
P2 - it will improve eventually, but I can't provide any estimates ATM.


P1 - Netbeans. I've even included a screen shot. Notice, in the SQL statement (which is a string) how it brings up list of vars from inside the string? Something PHPStorm  has never done.

Screen Shot 2012-07-17 at 3.18.51 PM.png

Sorry, mistaken WI-2377 with another issue I was just investigating. We'll work on this in v.5
The major platform changes cant make it into minor update - only something local and isolated.


Fair enough. Think i'll wait to continue my subscription until you do "fix" these issues. Thanks.


Damn. After using Netbeans as my sole  IDE, Im missing PHPStorm. Despite it lacking an important feature to me. So I'm sticking around. But I still need Netbeans, since it does that one feature I need. :(

So hurry up with 5 please. :)


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