How to debug without using Firefox

Recently Firefox started crashing when I tried to debug an HTML page. I had to disable all the Firefox plugins just to be able to open Firefox outside WebStorm again, but it would still crash when running from inside WebStorm. My colleague had a similar experience, which she fixed by uninstalling & reinstalling Firefox and WebStorm. We've now started using Chrome to debug, but I'd prefer to use Firefox so that I can do all my day-to-day web browsing in Chrome. The moment Firefox stopped working was when I was in a pretty tight modification-test cycle, so it's unlikely the code was at fault, unless it was causing some sort of memory leak.

Using Chrome to debug instead (by clicking on the Chrome icon that appears in a floating toolbar by hovering in top-right of code panel) works fine. However I can't seem to change the default debug browser, i.e. the browser that is launched when clicking on Debug (or Shift-F9). In Settings->Web Browsers, I deselected the Active checkbox for Firefox, but now it just doesn't appear in the hover toolbar, it is still the browser that WebStorm tries to launch when I debug. I tried deleting the path to Firefox, changing Default Web Browser from Use system default browser to Use <Chrome path> (even though my Windows default is Chrome), uninstalling Firefox, uninstalling and reinstalling WebStorm....and still WebStorm tries to launch Firefox! Argh! Any suggestions?


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Hi Lachlan,

Few possible approaches:

1) Making Chrome as default browse in your OS

  • Make your Chrome as default browser in your system
  • Settings | Web Browsers | Default browser = Use system default browser

2) Specifying browser manually (in WebStorm)

  • Settings | Web Browsers | Default browser = Use ... (specify path to desired browser manually)

3) When you create your Run/Debug configuration (Run | Edit Configurations...), you can (you have to) specify which browser to use. If Firefox is always selected as default there:

  • Run | Edit Configurations ...
  • Expand "Defaults" branch
  • Edit default configs for JavaScript
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Thanks. Item 3 was what I was missing.


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