Cannot resolve directory / file...


I checked the forum and there is a similar situation with a user who uses the text! plugin. I have the same problem but I'm not using any special plugin. As an example one of my paths is:

echo "<img src=\"../images/red.gif\" width=\"14\" height=\"14\" alt=\"Zwingend n&ouml;tig\" />\n";

That gives me 3 warnings:

1. Cannot resolve directory '".."
2. Cannot resolve directory 'images'
3. Cannot resolve file 'red.gif\'

Please also see the attached image.

My question is: How can I disable that warning? In every file with images I have 10 or twenty plases with warnings...

I tried (like described in other posts) to declare the 'images' directory as a 'resource root' in the settings but that does not work, the warnings still are here.

Now I just want to disable this test so I don't have the whole page full of warnings.

Thanks a lot or your help an have a nice day!


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