Is it neccessary to create new Run Configs for every project?

I've been reading through the documentation, but my mind is a  swirling flurry of how to approach project-creation and executing  within this IDE.

Ideally, I'd like to be able to write PHP code within the IDE, click  "Run", and then have that code launch inside a browser (preferably with  xdebug interaction). It seems that to do this, one must edit/create a  new Run Configuration (using the PHP Web Application template in this  case).

But does this have to be done for every subsequent project/file? Is it possible  to set a default Run Config that will launch all subsequent project  files in the same manner (launching in a browser with a debug session), and for all subsequent PHP files and new projects?

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Hi there,

  • Yes, you need to create Run configuration in each project -- there is no IDE-wide Run configuration entry.
  • Yes, it has to be done for each separate URL you want to launch from within IDE.
  • Within a project you can define defaults for any future newly created Run/Debug configurations -- just edit appropriate entry(ies) from "Defaults" branch. This will help with creating new entries a bit.

You can use "Zero-configuration" mode, where you do not need to create any Run/Debug configurations -- you can control everything from the browser (using bookmarklets or some browser extension for that).

I do not know what sort of app/website you are working with but such approach (one physical php file for each page, which seems does not depend on parameters) is quite rare these days. Any half decent framework will offer nice URLs (URL rewriting) where it will route ALL incoming requests trough single file (index.php for example). In such conditions having single run config for any file does not make sense -- you use them for specific cases which you need to troubleshoot.

If you just want to open (any) file in browser (which would be equal to "Run" action of the Run/Debug Configuration) -- define your Deployment entry (make sure it is marked as Default for this project) and then use "View | Open in Browser FILENAME on DEPLOYMENT"

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Thanks for assistance!:)

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J Tilman,

Do you still have the issue?


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